3/10 - 4/30

Fully Furnished

March 10th - April 30th, 2023

Fully Furnished brings over 60 pieces to the spotlight including Jeannie Weissglass's newest body of work, a series of paintings and drawings where antique tables, sofas, chairs and wash basin stands twirl through richly colored landscapes in a playful and sometimes cacophonous dance. While figures and flowers also populate the scenes, it is these furniture elements which steal the show, asserting themselves even through the richly textured and colorful terrain which surrounds, often dwarfing the people who attempt to alight, climb or straddle them. Emerging from the homebound period of the pandemic, these quirky and exuberant works celebrate the quotidian and, through the artist's vision, just as an innovative designer can do with a chair or table, transform what is familiar into a vision both magical and extraordinary.