• Escher, Maurits Cornelis. (1898-1972): Icosaeder (ICOSAHEDRON)

Escher, Maurits Cornelis. (1898-1972): Icosaeder (ICOSAHEDRON)

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Tin with 20 sides, 1963, designed by M.C. Escher for the N.V. De Vereenigde Blikfabrieken, metal, marked with artist's monogram, in very fine condition. 14 cm (each rib 9 cm). Issued in an unknown but very limited edition, only for employees of the United Tin factories on the occasion of their 75th anniversary in 1963, the multiple was filled with 450 grams of the famous Dutch chocolate Droste pastilles.  Bool/Locher, p.151.

M.C. Escher occupies a unique spot among the most popular artists of the past century. While his contemporaries focused on breaking from traditional art and its emphasis on realism and beauty, Escher found his muse in symmetry and infinity. His attachment to geometric forms made him one of modernism’s most recognizable artists and his work remains as relevant as ever.