• Warhol, Andy. (1928–1987) KEITH HARING, ca. 1986

Warhol, Andy. (1928–1987) KEITH HARING, ca. 1986

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Warhol, Andy. (1928–1987)
KEITH HARING, ca. 1986
Screenprinted cotton t-shirt

Featuring the face of fellow Pop artist Keith Haring, rendered in a vibrant palette of pink and blue. This t-shirt was originally sold in Haring's famed Pop Shop, a retail store he opened in April 1986 in SoHo, New York.  Jockey 38-40 M. Somewhat faded, else fine. 

By the time Haring appeared on the scene, Andy Warhol was already the pop of Pop. And Pittsburgh isn’t all these two very American artists had in common. Both were prolific, dared to create all over the place, and had the audacity to be informal and casual-seeming about art, which misled critics already determined to find them frivolous. Both were gay and – perhaps, at some level, because of that – had an extra drive to be anointed as popular and famous. Haring didn’t have Warhol’s range, or complexity, or genius at getting under the skin of the culture. But one could say that Haring became a sort of mini-Warhol and, in one way, went beyond his idol. Because of the tenor of the times, Haring’s queer sexuality was much more out-front than Warhol’s enigmatic image, behavior, and sensibility. But Warhol’s need to belong, to be a star among stars, was shared by Haring. He was an American kid who equated-at least at the beginning-success with public recognition and media validation.