• [Dan peoples of Côte d'Ivoire]: Six "Ma Go" Masks

[Dan peoples of Côte d'Ivoire]: Six "Ma Go" Masks

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Grouping of six Ma Go or "passport" masks from the Dan peoples of Côte d'Ivoire, carved wood or terracotta, 20th C.  Some minor wear, labels affixed to the back of several masks, else in fine condition.  Each approximately 2.25 x 3.5 inches (6 x 9 cm.).

"Small, personal masks function as amulets among the Dan and neighboring cultures, linking the owner with a particular spirit force that provides assistance and protection. Normally, they are kept hidden and brought out only during special rituals. When the owner travels, he carries the mask and might occasionally show it to indicate his association with a personal guardian spirit." (Brooklyn Museum)

From the collection of Mark Isaacson and Greg Nacozy.  Isaacson, a founding member of the Fifty/50 Gallery in Soho, was a passionate collector of African art.  Together with his partner, he amassed a thoughtful collection of works from across the continent.