• Mitoraj, Igor. (1944-2014): Sculpture pour Christofle France, 1977

Mitoraj, Igor. (1944-2014): Sculpture pour Christofle France, 1977

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Silver plated metallic sculpture of a bandaged face designed by the Polish artist and sculptor for the French company that introduced electrolytic gilding and silver plating to France in 1842.  Etched inscription reading "Bonne année / 1977 / Bouilhet" to verso.  In very fine condition.  2.5 x 2.25 x 1.5 inches (6.5 x 6 x 4 cm.).

"Igor Mitoraj spent most of his life in the West, mainly in France and Italy.  The Colombian sculptor Fernando Pole Bolero, one of the most expensive contemporary artists in the world, urged him to buy a house in Pietrasanta, the Italian capital of marble, city of sculptors, where artists such as Michelangelo worked.  Mitoraj considered this Italian studio ‘his place on Earth’ though he had lived in Paris, tried to settle in Mexico to learn the art of the Aztecs, and travelled around Greece studying ancient works of art.  Antiquity was one of the main sources of inspiration for the artist.  His sculptures make direct references to the mythology and history of Greece and Rome, sometimes contained already in the title: Icarus, Centauro, Eros, Mars, Gorgon, Paesaggio Ithaka...He visualised the imperfection of human nature by deliberately damaging and cracking the surface of statues...The sculptures’ lips, which always have the shape of those of the artist, are among the characteristic features of his works, serving as a sort of an informal ‘signature’." (Culture.pl)