• Henders, Doug: PPE you know Me, 2022

Henders, Doug: PPE you know Me, 2022

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Oil paint and pigmented ink on canvas. 30 x 40 inches. 

Doug Henders’ background as a US Army Cartographer is the source of his camouflage painting style that explores the ground between abstraction, representation and information-layered topographies. By using the techniques of military observation in painting, Henders work plays on the connection between modernism and information gathering that officially “does not exist in the work itself.” Over the past 20 years his work has been exhibited internationally in galleries, museums, biennials, art fairs and private collections and as the cover art for the Prince album “Around the World in a Day.” The 2018 video for the first single in 14 years by former Talking Heads member David Byrne ("Everybody's Coming to My House") features original artwork by Henders and his work was recently featured in an episode of the hit HBO series "Succession."  His work has been presented previously by KABINETT (former Boston gallery of "B" Dry Goods owner Gabe Boyers), in Boston and at the NY 2019 Spring Break