• Picasso, Pablo. (1881–1973) Signed Photograph in Vallauris

Picasso, Pablo. (1881–1973) Signed Photograph in Vallauris

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Original photograph of Picasso in shorts and sandals, lighting a cigarette in his garden in Vallauris, France  The artist has signed the silver print to the lower left corner in blue fountain pen ink.  Very fine.  3.125 x 5 inches (7.9 x 12.7 cm.), mounted to an overall size of 13 x 16.1 inches (33 x 41.4 cm.).

Picasso's studio in the town of Vallauris, where he worked beginning in 1948, was next to a yard into which potters threw debris—pieces of metal and shards of ceramics - which the artist sometimes mined for later assemblage or collage works.  In the present photograph, he is shown in front of a very broken large pot, probably one such discarded ceramic work.